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Mobile system for disinfection

Shumcar 300 Deco mobile system is suitable for application of emergency measures for prevention and disinfection in restricted local areas in case of epidemic cases of human infections and epizootic in domestic animals.
The mobile system is equipped with a 130 bar high pressure pump with gasoline engine at a flow rate of 10 l min. The disinfectant tank has a capacity of 300 liters and the effective time for uninterrupted operation of the station with a single charge is 30 minutes. The disinfectant is sprayed using a spray nozzle for a spray and compact flow with a range of 10-12m.
Shumcar 300 Deco is easily mounted on rails in the cargo area of all brands of pickup trucks, vans, UTVs and single axle trailers with a load capacity of 500 kg. This type of installation allows for quick installation and dismantling of the station. When using external disinfectant vessels, the station can also be mounted on a manually operated trolley or carried by two people. The length of the high pressure hose (connecting the pump and the spray nozzle) is up to 50 m, depending on customer needs. The station is equipped with everything needed to get water from the water sources or building fire network to obtain aqueous solutions. 
Shumcar 300 Deco can also be equipped with a mobile spill device, which is easily
mounted on the back cover of the vehicle and allows disinfection of the road infrastructure
and adjacent areas to infrastructure sites. The station's equipment may include additional
manual disinfection handlers, with a manual piston pump and a tank of 15 to 20 liters
capacity, which are carried on the back and are intended for processing in difficult to reach
areas. As a standard, the warranty period of the mobile station is 12 months, and optionally, with an additional charge 24 months. 
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