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Electric lightweight trucks

ALKE's vehicles are suitable for the needs of municipalities, hospitals, industrial enterprises, shipyards, logistics centers, ports and airports, farms, holiday parks, resorts, hotels, golf clubs, parks and other.

Produced in Italy and sold in over than 40 countries worldwide, ALKE 'ATX range of electric vehicles is characterized by technical solutions which are a result of years of experience and testing as well as N1 type approval for traffic on the EU roads.

ATX cars are equipped with an electric motor with high torque, which allows them to handle an off-road terrains or heavy tasks. Available with 5 different wheel chassis and cabin with 2 or 4 seats. Batteries can be of different types - gel, fast charging lithium batteries or replaceable lead batteries.

The maximum speed of the vehicles is 45 km/h, and the running on the different models varies from 65 to 150 km. The payload of the smallest member of the ATX family, the ATX 310E, is 620kg and reaches 1275kg for the ATX 340E model.

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