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We are adapting the program and the possibility of financing projects for the use of electric vehicles. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers and business representatives are satisfied.

Lightweight electric vehicles of category N1 with 2 and 4 seats are very suitable for the needs of the municipalities, which are the main beneficiaries of the program, namely they are excluded according to the technical requirements for 1 + 4 seats.

Unexplained is the limit set in this program (4 + 1 seats)!!!

A good example for this is the ALKE'ATX 340 light truck, which provides maximum flexibility in operation, thanks to the choice of fast-moving lithium batteries or replaceable lead accumulators. Its load capacity reaches 1630 kg and there is no analogue in the segment. The model allows a wide variety of superstructures to enable the electric car to be configured, such as: an ambulance, a garbage truck, a car cleaning machine, a water tank, a sanding vehicle, a refrigerated wagon type, a fire truck, a snowmobile and many others.

The wide range of ALKE 'ATX electric vehicles is characterized by technical solutions that are the result of 25 years of experience and testing. All models are type-approved for category N1 traffic on the EU road network. ATX cars are equipped with a high-torque electric motor that allows them to tackle off-road terrain or heavy-duty tasks and overcome a slope of up to 30%. Available with 5 different wheel chassis and cabin with 2 or 4 seats. They are used in over 40 countries worldwide.

Unfortunately, this class of electro mobiles was excluded from the selection by the municipalities due to the limiting parameter in the technical assignment for 4 + 1 seats.

After reviewing their applications from the NTEF, we call for and sincerely hope that the requirements will be adjusted and that the contents in brackets (4 + 1) will be removed.

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