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Mobile base station with a mast

Production of 10 mobile base stations - trailer type with a mast for the needs of the largest telecommunications operator in Bulgaria.
Two-axle trailer with 4 pcs. detachable supports, van type, with coated vandal-proof sides, mast support structure, mast straightening mechanism and rope stabilization system. The trailer is equipped with a vinyl cover on the sides with the possibility of mounting "camouflage solutions" depending on the mounting location.
The straightening of the mast is ensured by means of a hand winch, rope and pulley rollers and requires the application of human force only. In working position the facility occupies 2 pcs. parking spaces. Maximum height of the mast in an upright position - 14 m. It is possible to mount the last section of the mast on GSM antennas without additional lifting devices that are not part of the facility. Above the antennas it is possible to install additional equipment.
The relocation of the mobil station is possible with a light truck.
Inside the trailer there is a possibility for mounting cabinets.
It is possible to install and service 1 pc. diesel generator.
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