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Mobile clinic cabinets

The Mobile clinic cabinets are used in hard-to-reach areas where there are no hospital wards in the immediate vicinity.

Cabinets can be equipped with specialized medical equipment for laboratories, Imagine Diagnostics, Cardiac Exam, OB/GYN  Exam Room, according to the customer's needs.


Base chassis

Chasis cabin, Semi- trailer, Van type


Waiting room, bathroom,  cabinet, laboratory


Platform for disabled

Clinical laboratory 

  • Biochemistry analyzers;
  • Hematology analyzers;
  • Blood gas analyzers;
  • Electrolyte analyzer;
  • Urine analyzers

Imagine Diagnostics

Ultrasound or x-ray equipment

Cardiac Exam Room

Rest-ECG, Cardio-ultrasound, stress-test ECG

OB/GYN  Exam Room

3d/4d  OB/GYN  Ultrasound, Fetal monitor


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