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Side Loading waste collection truck

Waste collection truck with side loading for collection of solid household waste disposed in usual non movable containers of 750 litres. Loading of waste is done trough a hydraulic side loader with a capacity of gripping the waste collection container and emptying it through a hatch in the top lid of the body and putting back the container on its place.

 Engine  Power

≥210 HP


Short, min 3-seater

Waste box

14 m3

Compacting system

Pendular compactor



The handling arm is mountedon the right side of the truck. It takesat the ground level the standard local non movable containers (trapezoidal 750 litres) at a distance of 2.2 metres from the side of the truck, to bring them at the top of the waste box (maximum load 200 kg), and to rock them on 230-240° and toempty them in the hopper. It takes successively 3 containers disposed edge to edge without moving the truck (only by rotation of the arm).


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