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Mobile systems for wild fires

The Mobile systems for wild fires, developed by Auto Engineering Holding Group, are designed to be installed on light commercial vehicles.

They allow easy and quick installation and de-installation of the firefighting equipment by the customer. Through a mixture of water and foam these Mobile systems are extremely suitable for firefighting in forest areas. During the winter period the specialized systems can be uninstalled and the vehicle can be used as an ordinary pick-up off-road automobile. 


  • State Forestry Management Enterprises


Water tank 350 l
Foam tank 30 l
Proportioner 0-6 %  solution
Fire pump Gazoline, Davey Firefighter® Pro
Starter Electric & Manual
Flow rate 680 l/min
Hose reel 30 m rubber hose, 1“
Weight (without water and foam) 120 kg


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