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The office building of Avto Engineering Holding Group with a photovoltaic system for green energy production

The new system doesn't affect the outlook of the business building and is generating green electricity which is going to be used for our own needs.
The company responsible for the project execution and mangement is JD Solar, owned by Julian Dimov. It is imposing its name on the Bulgarian market by introducing a new concept in the field of Rooftop Solar Parks.
The company's goal is to combine the expertise it has gained in Solar Parks installation and management in Germany with the interest of future contractors who are interested in implementing green energy in their structures. By renting the rooftop areas, through a long-term ECKO contract with a guaranteed result and zero investments, the risk is also 0 while the benefits are significant. They call it the "German Model".
By creating this kind of joint ventures, JD Solar takes responsibility for the whole construction process, implementation and management of the Solar Parks. Part of the generated green energy will b injected in the power grid of their future partners while the rest will be sold on the free market or stored for later use.
JD Solar aims to work with industrial companies and business buildings owners who would like to take part of green energy projects with a guaranteed result. The company specializes in design, installation and commissioning of Solar Plants and the successfully implemented projects on the Bulgarian market are already 12 - with capacity from 20 KW to 2 MW.
The company has many years of experience in the German market hving installed more than 50 MW on top of 150,000 m2.

In Bulgaria, JD Solar's projects are growing at the speed of light following the motto:
Let's combine our strengths to improve the environment where we all live and work!

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